Connecting to the future

RFID, NFC & Bluetooth
in one proximity reader/writer

Our latest device pushes the envelope
by offering technology & vendor independent
contacless identification.

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Contactless configuration
of RFID readers

TWN4 CONFIG Programmer saves time
and adds flexibility for large projects.

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Elatec Products

Elatec's family of reader/writers are available in various forms designed for a wide variety of applications. Please select either a Housed Reader, OEM Board, or Module from the options above to see information about our specific reader/writers.



Elatec is one of the first Western providers to receive SRRC approval for its RFID readers in China.

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Following their success as a technology supplier and solution provider in Eastern European high-growth markets, Elatec now has plans to develop a...

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A uniform RFID infrastructure that authorizes users contactlessly at doors, PCs, printers, and other applications with the help of a card or a key fob...

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