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RFID applications in medical environment

RFID systems are nowadays widespread in hospitals. Their most common use is in access control applications. On one hand RFID readers and transponders, which communicate via different technologies and frequencies, help patients to feel more comfortable during their stay at the clinic, since multiple systems can be operated with a single RFID tag. On the other hand contactless identification methods are also used by the medical personal during visitations for treatment and state overview of patients as well as for documentation purposes which leads to real cost reduction.

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RFID applications for secure printing

Companies that want to introduce secure document printing (“secure printing”) need to ensure that print jobs at multi-function printer (MFP) in e.g. co-working areas are only released by correctly authenticated employees. If the companies use already RFID-based employee badges, they often want to use these for authentication at the MFP, too. Elatec multi-frequency, multi-protocol readers read all available badge types and are supported by all major MFP OEMs.

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